50 personal blog post ideas for your blog!


Would you like to generate some personal blog post ideas? Unlike penning down a fresh article where you need to figure out the structure of all the elements that will make up your content, generating some ideas for your blog could be as random as possible.

Ever had that avalanche of thoughts of the things you could be blogging about only when you are doing things that have nothing to do with blogging? It happens to me all the time. These are usually tons of brilliant ideas all coming together. They are flashing here and there.

Yes, they keep coming. However, back then and a couple of times recently, I simply failed to take notes. I told myself whenever the time is right I would surely remember.

The biggest lie I told myself

That was where I got it all wrong! I was only relying on my memory. Moreover, with so many tabs literally open in my mind, my memory was always going to fail me. And it did fail me. There were times I stood in front of my screen and did not know shit to write about.

I lost the fun in blogging which led to procrastinating. And soon I thought this was stressful and of course since no one was paying for it, why bother?

Blogging is fun, that’s what they said – Unknown.

But blogging or creating content isn’t just about making money. That’s one the things I wish I knew before getting into it – a topic for another day.

What I am just trying to say is the same could happen to you too. Some people call it a writer’s block when you are unable to think what to write next. And it is what it is, you are literally hitting a block.

Good thing is you could actually overcome it by planning ahead, conceptualizing the content you would like to create. That is where generating personal blog post ideas for your blog really comes into play. If you have ever been in that spot before and did not get out, here’s a couple of things you could do about it.

Be mindful of your thoughts.

Learn how to keep a physical record of all these personal blog post ideas that keep popping here and there. The solution is to write them down! Once you have them written down, it now becomes easy to go back to them in time.

It is easier to continue from where you left off. Plus, you can now save that super idea that could have vanished the next minute. The best part is, once you keep at it, it becomes a fun thing to do.

List 10 post ideas for your blog every day

A popular technique requires you to come up with 10 ideas every morning. Yes ten fresh ideas. They could be just about anything, but of course related to what you blog about the most. Your niche!

You can turn it into a routine and by the end of the week *7 days if I can still count*, you would have 70 great ideas.

But hold on! Let us be realistic. Are you sure, you will be waking up in the in the best of moods and stick to that routine?

Yes you still can. Learn how to make the best out of every mood of yours. Moreover, you can always restart your day along the line. Duh!

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Get any of these cheap tools to get started

First, start by getting some of a blogger’s essential tools. You mostly need a notebook and just a pen. Always carry your notepad with you and throughout the day, you can update as needed. If you’re a mobile type of person, your phone notepad is enough.

Exceed 10 personal blog post ideas in a day if you so wish. In about a month or two, you would have been able to come up with more than enough articles ideas to keep your blog going for a least a year or so.

*Quick maths* One article or two a week for the next 52 weeks? You get the plan?

So there you have it, no more excuses. It’s time to pile up these ideas and eventually develop them into articles. Feel free to always add that personal touch to it.

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Actions > Dreams.

Lastly, did you know that many folks wished they had a blog at the beginning of this year?

You little devil on the other hand, you were bold enough to get one so keep making the best out of it. Get your notebook or a notepad and write down all the brilliant ideas that spring up and most importantly enjoy the process.

That’s all I have for you today! Much love to you all for supporting one way or the other!

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