Here Are 8 Inspirational Quotes for November 2018

So the other day, I asked my friends on Facebook to share some inspirational quotes under a post I made. First time trying this and thought it would probably be ignored and followed by the usual laughter reactions because I get those a lot.

Little did I know that I was in for quite a good surprise. As a matter of fact, I was inundated with a huge 8 unique inspirational quotes.

So today, I have decided to share them also with you. Who knows? Maybe you will equally find some inspiration after going through each of them.

Also, I wish I could develop each of these quotes but nah..  let me leave you to make your own interpretation of them.

Also, now that I have found an easier way of creating more and more inspirational quotes using less time, how about me sharing also some of my personal motivational quotes say on a monthly basis? Hold on with that thought, below are the top 8 inspirational quotes my far too kind friends shared with me:

Quote #1 on taking the leap

It's either now or never

It’s either now or never

Quote #2 on life and toxic relationships



Quote #3 on life

Nurture your creative mind to think positive all the time..

Quote #4 on spirituality

God is good

God is good!

Quote #5 on life and work


It doesn’t matter how or when you shall surely be rewarded

Quote #6 on manners

Don’t be an asshole..

Quote #7 on life



Quote #8 on… yes, you guessed right

Life goes on regardless

That’s it folks! Let me know which are your favorite inspirational quotes? And feel free to feed me with some of yours as well. I might feature them here too. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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