Attention People Who Eat Dog Meat! Wetin The Reportage Show?

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The toli all be say yestee, na i dey watch CitiTv wey dem dey show some reportage on dog meat consumption in the Upper East Region and people wey dem fit dey chew the meat waa. Der nor, dem begin show the dog market wey i no bore.

Everybro den dema choices. It’s a free world. ChinaIndonesiaKoreaMexicoPhilippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, dem countries all dey chop.

People fit dey bring dema dogs from haus come sell for market, especially dema stubborn ones. Most of dem no sheda big like that too – If owner no dey chop sardine, na you go chop corned beef?

Dem talk say the price fit fluctuate between 200-300 Ghana cedis. Apuu! How much bi local dog saf for Accra? Ma own saf I take dash some time before sake of e just dey born anyhow lol. That money, like a go take buy goat do jollof.

Dem interview people wey dem all talk dema mind. Dem say health benefits den spiritual all dey inside. By this time, dem never Google or research about am to take confirm. Here, we all fit just dey talk anyhow.

Dem san so interview some woman wey sabi cook the choo waaa. She begin mention all the spices wey dem dey use take steam the meat. She no fit just summarize say e be spices she dey use ooo, by this time she no go the school some before, but no be e fault.

For my head inside I dey talk say, “woman, e no be cooking show or competition dem dey do, why you for mention all like that?” She come dey mention onions, salt, pepper, den things all. Still a no bore!

Where I bore bi say the camera shift go some dog bi e top. The footage highlight how dem tie am for back like some armed robber wey dem catch for Nungua or Lapaz dem dey come lynch. And before I go talk fiii, dem start dey slaughter opana for TV top, LIVE! Dem never blur the image saf. Chaii!

Who does that!?

Next thing, dem begin dey roast am, still LIVE Tv top. I come dey shake my head left right, left right. This one wey white man go talk “I began shaking my head in disbelief” wey the matter no end there.

The last show be say, the reporter dey conclude e story, mention say even though many people still no dey chop the thing, e be delicacy for dema there so say dem go shun paa den lai lai.

Wey he grab one meat for some chopping board bi top, all this while I just dey hope say e no go put for mouth…as he dey talk all e open am first and close am again, not knowing – children of gods, let’s gather around here, be like say the Ghana gods no dey answer prayers true true. I no fit turn the TV off too, I for watch till the end, maybe e no go do, maybe e go do.

There norr wana reporter chief opana as he dey sign off just put the meat for e mouth inside goyi wey dem cut the tape, back to studio here in Adabraka Accra, the capital of Ghana!

Enti 2019, CitiTV, animal mutilation no dey fall under obscene and offensive content? The least you fit do be put a disclaimer like “WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT”, we all dey see am for foreign content top and we all get different kind of emotions. Enti daben?

Most of the TV stations saf around no dey follow any standards at all. From headlines to the in totos of the content, daabi da.

Presenters all turn celebrities with hashtags. At least, aspire to be like DW people eh or Aljazeera, BBC, top notch content! Do the job first, then celebrate your body, erh….? Recently wey Ghana turn 62, she dey grow but nothing dey show for wona body.

My people what’s the way out? How you too you dey see am?

Chale thanks for reading! This post was written in Pidgin English. Forgive me, I had to pause work so I couldn’t really find a suitable title. You don’t like it? Kindly suggest one. I hope you enjoyed the content. Please leave me some feedback and scroll below below you go find the subscribe option!

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  1. I feel your writing style waaa. Ebi fluid. E make the reading flow like Wli waterfalls. Wey your report on the report bi spot on. You try give mandem.

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