What If Your Best Friend Tell You Say Im Be Gay Wetin You Go Do?


So I chanced upon a story on LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) from the BBC pidgin website and my wires touched and my writing instincts kicked. Below is my little commentary on the above question.

Na first of all, wetin concern me?

Second of all, wetin concern you, really?

Omo abeg….

Thank you for coming out of your closet

It must have been hard

Thinking say I go judge

But ano get that kind mind

Of course, people go tok say “e no be part of our culture”

People always dey tok

Na e make a biz: “is corruption part of our culture?”

“You no fit be friends with a gay

Or support gay unless you be gay”

This matter if we go start tok am then

We no go end am now oo.

Just because I dey advocate reforestation

Then by all means I for turn tree?

Yes, paddy I go love you unconditionally

You be gay but you’re human first

And as long as you no be thief, rapist or murderer…

I fit keep the code

In my heart, that be where I keep a friend

“Put an end to the friendship because you gay?”

Then we were never friends in the first place

I see more menners dem tok say “anything god forbids, I forbid”

But these people never hear god im voice before

Same people wey never meet plus dinosaur but

Record im voice put for the movies inside

What does that tell you?

Same lame excuses

Oh you want tok say the holy book record am?

Say em tinz be sins

So what? I must kill am?

No be same book dey tok say you no for judge?

No be same book tok say no killing?

Or that one no dey count?

See you, by now feeling all domineering,

Privileged coz you only fornicate,

You don chop somebro im married growie poppy dey call am Baby!

Sometimes e fit im mommy…

As she dey suck the life out of you

You begin to call am sugar…

You fit dey do abominable things pass but no one dey see

Yet you dey claim holy

Carry your holy holy waka from my face

The lie lie you dey lie all

Or you fit tok say you never lie?

Na who you dey deceive?

Sake I dey advocate for pesin dignity

No be say I turn gay.

Your body, your choices

Im body, im choices

Wetin concern me?

E be choices…

Same choices for woman wey decide say she no go marry

Or your pikin wey tok say im no go born

See as I dey vibe with niqqa, even if im be my blood

At the end of the day, wetin im dey bring for the table top

Na e decide say im bi part of my circle or not

Good vibes only

No be the shenanigans im dey do for im bedroom

Sake of by the time my own go kommot,

You fit shock by the things you go hear

Me a no be gay and

Even if I were

Your opinion no dey hia

Ma only fear be say

You fit assault me or my friend

Kill am sake of im own choices

Wey never dey affect you in any way, really

So, you go love watch am die


But, how?

Violence never solved a thing

Neither did discrimination nor abuse

Judging people for the similar shit

You dey do behind closed curtains?

E be im body, E be im choices

Dear religious fanatic,

Look pass face value

Love your neighbor as yourself,

Na e be the headache you must to carry!

According to an article on Wikipedia titled LGBT rights in Ghana, “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Ghana face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Same-sex sexual acts are illegal in Ghana. LGBT rights in Ghana are heavily suppressed. Physical and violent homophobic attacks against LGBT people are common, often encouraged by the media and religious and political leaders. Reports of young gay people being kicked out of their homes are also common.”

Now, I am tempted to ask you too: “What If Your Best Friend Tell You Say Im Be Gay Wetin You Go Do?

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  1. Good things soor you tok.
    Personally, ano dey feel gayism. I disagree with that kind of sexual orientation. But I don’t hate those who wanna be gay. It’s their life and no matter what the tide of change will soon sweep over us in Ghana.

    Fornication, thievery, corruption, drunkenness all too ano dey like but we dey do am openly.

    So yh, we for shun hypocrisy first in this country.

    1. Yo Sedem, thanks a ton for leaving a comment. 😉
      I like how you summed it all up in “we for shun hypocrisy”. And until we get our own logs out of our systems, e go better say we no for dey point point fingers at those carrying straws.
      Live and let’s live.

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