Before You Buy The Infinix Hot S, Just Another Piece Of Shit?

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Newer products like the Infinix Hot S have finally flooded the Ghanaian market. Maybe, I only began noticing these alternative brands a couple of years or so.

All I had back in the days was a Samsung S2 device. It was a used phone or a second hand phone as it is affectionately called in our local jargon.

Soon, it was time to switch to something new and durable that could make my life easy.

A review of the Infinix Hot S X521

I took the pain of going through careful consultation and budget wise decisions before finally settling down for the Infinix Hot S version.

The price tag around that time was over a hundred dollars, probably one hundred and twenty. I have absolutely no idea about its current price.

One of my relatives had the same type of phone and also, a close pal of mine was already on his second model of the brand.

I was in luck to have had a slight feel of this phone before purchasing mine. Good or bad, I still went ahead and bought mine anyway.

What Android phone features was I looking for?

First, I needed a phone worthy of the name. I was in for a fast phone and a phone with a lasting battery.

What I also wanted was a phone that could do screen recording. I needed not to download any app before doing a screen recording.

Also, I needed a phone with good storage capabilities and hopefully a phone that could take a dual sim cards.

Indeed, I wanted nothing but a sturdy phone, (as if I had any proper budget)!

Well, I got most of these in the Infinix hot S but little did it know it would come with the unbearable overheating.

Was that the reason why the named it Hot S in the first place, that I tend to ask myself.

Let’s now look at what I have!

It takes years for the Infinix hot S to turn on.

In fact, I once read that you could arrange a trip to India and have your visa stamped upon arrival and no your infinix hot s will still not turn on.

If there’s one thing the Infinix taught me, it was how to exercise patience in everything I do – not like I didn’t know. The Infinix Hot S put an emphasis on it.

Menu wise, I quickly switched to the Nova launcher and made a couple of custom settings changes just to have the phone look a little less factory made.

One thing I hate about the Infinix – “hate” is quite a strong word – is the number of unnecessary apps all having the prefix X.

I have managed to hide a few but I now have to deal with always coming across the main X-hide app itself.

Call clarity is good. Even though the sound from the speakers is not that loud when playing music – It is a phone for crying out loud. Please forgive me, I know.

Automatic Updates, any?

This should probably not be here but I never updated the phone.

Maybe, I would someday. But for now, I am okay with the Marshmallow version equally referred to as the Android OS 6.0 – I keep receiving update notifications but I have ignored those since day one.

Big deal, big issue with the battery

A major pet peeve is the battery life. Not decent at all! Note that the battery is not removable.

I am particularly a heavy user and after careful considerations, I realized that popular apps like Facebook and Messenger were just evil battery and storage drainers.

Read also: Storage Space Running Out | Quick Fix

Funny how it took a while before I deleted those and opted for the Facebook Lite app version which I talk about in a subsequent post.

Other features worth highlighting

I have never used the fingerprint feature. They should have sacrificed this for a better and stronger battery.

My phone would not last a day without running down flat. Even if I could activate the ultra power saver, what’s the use if it can’t connect to the WiFi?

I mostly charge this phone twice a day just to ensure that I do not end up with a fully drained battery when I need it the most. Dumsor is not over so you just cannot take chances, can you?

The Hotspot feature on the other hand is a lifesaver.

More often, I am compelled to deal with the Vodafone Ghana Broadband shitty customer care policies. One of such formulates an 8 working day timeline before their team attends to your internet issues.

8 working days? Yeah right! Incredible, eh?

So back to Hotspot feature, I keep the phone plugged into a socket during most of its usage just like a landline. Very handy feature for sure.

All android phones have the Hotspot feature. If you were looking for how to turn your phone into a MiFi without purchasing any additional devices then there you have it.

Other indicators about the phone

The screen on the Infinix Hot S is modest. The touchscreen doesn’t lag. It’s all smooth with the double tap to turn on the screen. Also, I could adjust the lighting to suit lighting conditions.

However, there is no notification light if you cared to know. Oh and have I mentioned that one feature which really really comes in handy?

It is the clock! Alarm, world time, stopwatch and a timer, they are all packed together. Boy, it might be weird but I find them quite useful!

The “privacy protection” feature deserves some praises. Just be sure that you remember your password when your phone locks.

Moment of truth! By and large on a scale of 5

I will give the Infinix Hot S a 2 over 5 rating. My reasons are all stated above but since you love reminders, let’s do this:  the battery life is an issue and the overly annoying overheating experience.

That’s me but I guess it is an “okay device” for the average user. I do not recommend it for heavy users. I repeat, it overheats!

On the pros, oh nothing major really, it just does what all the android phones do out here. It enables the making of phone calls and connects to the internet. The build quality is just normal, nothing extra.

To add up to the list of cons, you have the setting up of a dual sim card with a micro SD.

It sure looks like a complex task. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos but I haven’t really had the time to purchase some SD card to try adjust all that together. A separate SD card slot would have made all of these a lot easier.

Well, well so thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments which sturdy budget phone you are most likely to recommend and why?

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