Corona Quarantine Day 12: I Must Have Lost Track Of Time

First of all, you don’t start a post with first of all but first of all, I guess it’s time we avoid thinking of consoling people by telling them that when a loved one dies, it is “the will of God”.

Fine, it’s a habit we have cultivated well and hard enough but isn’t it highly insensitive? No, calm down and take all the time you need to think about it.

If we cannot vividly explain why folks die, why do we resort to making things up?

Let’s speak the average Asomasi’s language for a second. How is that the will of God? Why jump at the opportunity to create a sadistic view of God? Granted, there are questionable biblical accounts that really tend to paint him as one.

On the surface however, Janne Teller offers the view that “from the moment we are born, we begin to die.” Just as trees or plants, we grow and die, we get trampled upon even before maturity and some greater fucker in Atewa Forest rightly sees to our destruction.

Myth or fact or is it still God’s will?

You tell me!

Of course, scientists have a different approach to why we die which is really fascinating by which I mean really depressing.

Death so far as we know is inevitable. It comes in many forms and through pandemics as the Corona we’re all witnessing even though we are not done battling Cholera or Malaria. Also, accidents are no exceptions even though some are avoidable like not catching a stray bullet by staying home when a curfew is imposed.

In any case, as procrastinators as we are and if given the choice, we’ll keep postponing the hour, because will there ever be a time when we will be ready to die? Nipa wo planS bebree nanso sika nti, so we for just take am cool like that. Bitching about it, doesn’t help or does it?

By all means live a meaningful life. Do the things you ought to do. But when death lays its cold icy, icy-cold hands on a human, offer silence if your words do not soothe nor are they thoughtful enough. Above all, quit expressing your personal visions and passing them on as being the words of God. In any religious jargon, that will be borderline blasphemous, anaa mosi mabodam?

I hope you enjoyed your reading and if you did not, that’s your loss anyway. Please keep safe and do you mind sharing this? I will catch you up in my next post. Chale, be happy!

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