Do you have shower thoughts like everyone else?

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What are shower thoughts? Is there stuff you wish you knew about me? Well you are in for a treat today. In my quest to stick to a writing routine, I wrote something for you. These were my random shower thoughts, so enjoy!

I don’t know what a metaphor is. I don’t know what a prose is… I don’t know what an oxymoron is. I know morons but not the other things there. I could google. I could always google. I don’t do poems like poems.

I wish I could be a spoken word artist with some beats in the background and boom… sound check “SoundCloud rapper”. But I don’t have the voice. It could always be edited though. I can’t stand crowds so I’d rather sit somewhere at the back unfazed.

I did literature in school just because I wasn’t good at science. Maybe, I wasn’t taught science well. Maybe, I didn’t pay attention. I don’t like complex things. I can figure complex things out on my own. I am a little genius, no I am a big genius. I won’t properly edit this post. I proofread by default.

Hey, I can predict by the time this day ends, I wouldn’t have used anything algebra. I don’t know if I write well. I don’t really know how to write well. I feel I usually repeat myself.

I don’t really care. I don’t know the dos and don’ts. All the “story telling…tell don’t show” or any other stringent rules? Sorry, I can’t conform.

I read labels carefully

I pay too much attention even when it’s not captivating. I remember details. I forget names quickly. Most people don’t remember my name. I don’t always remember my age.

I have been learning HTML and CSS and other things for years. I am still not too sure whether I am good at those. At least, I am proud of putting together this blog… with and without the nerdy codes.

But every now and then, I don’t always know what I am doing.

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Shower thoughts are not only recorded in the shower.

I am not a professional photographer but I take photos. I am not even a blogger yet. Most people are not porn actors but they engage in sex, right? Some of you are even good at it. I like to mind my business. I am working on my attention span. It’s hard to concentrate.

I can follow protocols. But I don’t want to be boxed and society says “behave”. I don’t want to grow. I will live until I die. I like to explore. Be free, uncaged.

I would probably suffocate in a cage. Most of my shower thoughts turned out to be lifetime decisions. I reflect and learn easily on a toilet seat. It’s always adjacent to the shower.

I love things minimalistic. Black and white. Perfect squares. A little stain. I am a perfectionista without the budget.

I love to have enough space but my desk is always busy. I don’t have a favorite color, even though my friend said blue or green.. I don’t really remember, looks good on me. I would go for anything brown or black.

I like white but I don’t like washing

If I don’t like a movie, I won’t watch. I read easy books. If I don’t like a gift I won’t buy. French is overrated, I wish I spoke Hausa, Sarcasm, German, Chinese or Russian or Arabic fluently.

I probably care too much about my hair than my nails. I only have one friend but I don’t know him that much. I respect privacy but if he opens up, he would satisfy my curiosity.

I didn’t know how to drive a manual car, today I am a Michael Schumacher without the skin color. I get anxious a lot. When nothing goes right, I sleep. I google a lot. I look happy. I can get moody. Like really moody. I once fell in love. Not once. I was also thought how to love. I don’t know it all.

I am always hard on myself. I say please and thank you. I am not always thankful. I don’t always know how to begin. Writing allows me to pause and do a couple of throwbacks. It’s beautiful. I have tons of brilliant ideas. These days, I write them all down.

If you like this, let me know. Let’s have a convo in the comment section below.

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