Everybody Loves Secrets, Let Me Share One With You

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I don’t always talk the way I write. I wish I could.

Before I write, I naturally do a little research. Sometimes I don’t. I try to compile my random pieces of thoughts and pour them all out here.

And even when it’s time to do any major research work, my topics and areas of interest vary from ‘basic’ to very ‘basic’.

I would be surprised if you have not noticed by now that a no shɛda be that deep bia. Complex things just dey bore me.

When it comes to expressing views, all my life experiences are the only material that I rely on.

As such, in a real setting, I can’t stop in a middle of a chat and go Google for facts to support a claim.

Neither can I run to the Urban Dictionary to find the next ‘cool’ slang to make myself look perspicacious. That can’t happen, right?

So during conversations, I say what I know. I don’t make claims that I can’t substantiate.

To strike a conversation, I might start out by asking my interlocutor a couple of questions and before long we would both be having a great time for what it is worth.

But that won’t work all the time. Maybe a little extra might be expected of me? What if my opinion really counts? What? Would I just be quiet and won’t say a thing?

Yes, we’re admonished to pay attention and do more of the listening but afterwards, what?

Now, one does not necessarily need to be a talkative but knowing what to say at the right time is an envious life skill.

I believe a number of people have found themselves in situation where they say two words and their brain just froze. There are instances when after an argument, long after it is done, we suddenly realize all the things we could have added but we did not. Annoying, eh?

Life skill?

It is said that a fox can smooth talk a blind chicken out of any hen house. But the aim of this whole thing – what I am about to share with you – is not to turn you into a cunning character but a canny one instead.

Everyone loves a smooth talker, even those who hate the idea of smooth talking. It’s like you won the lottery when you’re charming and also possess that kind of people skill.

Good news is you too could start developing the skill or polish up at the cost of zero.

Dude, where is the secret?

I met a young man who shared some amazing tips during a writing workshop that I had the privilege of attending somewhere late last year.

Here’s a little background: This young man is a blogger and a published author. He is someone I stumbled upon when I decided to compile a list of carefully hand-picked Ghanaian websites.

Back then, I was working on a personal project for browseghana.com. The idea was to create a directory where anyone could find all Ghanaian blogs on the same portal and pick which category of blogs, he/she decides to visit.

Man, I had high hopes but that project came to a quick halt due to, I’d say a poor response from “colleague bloggers”. Feel free to find out why or how, if you care to know.

You have still not touched on the secret

But come to think of it, it’s laughable because I probably didn’t try that hard enough. Was I after the numbers? I was starting out and little did I know that those numerals didn’t matter. Plus, it’s always easier to put the blame on others.

So project is still … Chale, we’ll talk about it later wai let me finish my point and lest I forget, that project made me discover 2eweboys.com, accraconnect.com, jbklutse.comisaacsesi.com and a plethora of other Ghanaian blogs and their authors way before putting a face to the names.

So back to paragraph, the guy I was telling you about has a name. He’s called Nesta. Nesta is a blogger. He is the author of the book Unforgettable. Hmm how about a review, sometime soon, why not?

During the workshop, he shared with the rest of us this one thing. I could sum that up in four words and that is: ‘Live A Great Life’.

That’s it! That’s the secret?

At our first year anniversary writing workshop, we learned so much, like a lot and tons of quality stuff. Of course, you’re cordially invited to our place of worship at the Bambu Centre. There, together with other budding writers, we make up the Writers and Readers’ Grotto, the coolest literary group.

Live A Great Life

“Great life” just as happiness is relative. It boils down to personal preference, expectations and fulfillment. In the grand scheme of it all, everyone is entitled to how they are willing to reach their personal goals.

If you find yourself lost throughout this write-up, coming up are 5 cheap easy steps to create that enabling environment to “live a great life”, well the way I see it:

  • Read to learn.
  • Write if it makes you happy.
  • Challenge yourself to do and/or be better.
  • Collect memories not things.
  • Fill your soul with awesome.

A man of few interests has very little to say, share and offer. I bet you and I do not want that. We want more because there’s more for everyone if only we would stretch and grab whatever is at stake.

So how about experiencing the good, the bad, the ugly, be troublesome, staying away from trouble and sharing it all with the rest of the world?

Are you now ready to create miracles by sharing your experience of living a great life with and without its flaws?

It costs virtually nothing to be ‘living a great life’ or a person of more, a more interesting person on our own terms. So here’s to you! Be you! Be More!

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