How did you become this successful?

A Ghana man’s approach: First, I would not term it a success; I do not see it in that regard.
Well, my story goes like this. I started saving at an early age. I did a couple of odd jobs around the corner when I was in high school.
By then, I had developed an interest in computers but only rich kids had these during my years. What I had were books. I believe I had read and re-read every single book in my mother’s collection, they were not that much.
On my eleventh birthday, I got my first computer and a book, both huge. That book today would be somewhat the earliest rendition of “Programming for dummies” type of book. And, oh the computer, it wasn’t never a brand new model but I was okay with what my parents could afford.
Dad thought that since the huge computer had no user manual, I needed one which my mother obviously agreed to. So they both settled on the very big and cheapest one. Thrifty, huh!? That was priceless. Now, I could practice. I spent hours and hours behind the screen. It is no coincidence that I eventually found myself active in online coding classes and forums.
I had an amazing support system both online and offline… blah blah blah.
I started my first two now defunct businesses. I worked in the media for close to four, five years just to have a roof over my head.
Along the line, I had to resign, I think I was fired. It was not easy combining school and work so one had to go, just so I could focus.
Things took an awful turn when I lost both parents to a terrible car accident. Fresh graduate, now jobless with a pile of unpaid loans and not having your favorite two people in the world around… That was a tough period for me.
I later became depressed. Disoriented, I was in bad company but to be honest with you I was bad company. I had suicidal thoughts, did drugs, women and a whole lot more…
I was on the brink of death until I met Katie, my childhood sweetheart… She, she basically turned my life around, gave me hope and together we worked towards … [to be continued]
A White man’s approach: It is God oooo. I thank God for his grace and mercy he showered upon me and my family. One thing is, it has not been easy my brother.
Me: Pathetic!

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