Easy Tips To Write More Articles?

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How to write articles? I get a lot of such questions in most of my imaginary interviews with big media companies about the style that I use in writing my articles.

Kindly note the keyword “imaginary” because no one really has had the time to ask me questions, not talk of booking me for major interviews, well at least not yet.

In the following paragraphs, I will be giving you a bit of insight on how I write articles. All the juice about the crafting of most of my blog posts, coming up.

Expectations vs. Reality

When it comes to blogging, I always try to level my expectations. I do not seek to be fancy and neither do I want to be boring. Man knows, I have to be there in-between.

I could summarize my formula in one line and have you end your reading exercise right here. However, that would be outrageous! Moreover, you have already read more than 140 words. It’s such a shame you were not even counting.

Anyway, why not carry on till the end?

The structure of my articles is simple. I try as much as I can to answer questions by putting myself in the shoes of the reader.

Usually, the questions that I ask follow the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” pattern even if I were just ranting.

I will advise you to always bend the rule and not necessarily follow this exact sequence. You should feel at ease altering whatever information or tips I present to you. Your writing should suit your own style.

The good old technique of effective copywriting

This technique is known as the good old 5 W’s of effective copywriting. A very interesting concept and technique widely used among the copywriters fraternity.

Now, with this in mind, here is how I implement it and play around my keyword in order to produce any kind of articles.

For instance, in one of my blog posts titled Is urban farming gradually becoming the new cool?, I came up with the 5 W’s questions a curious reader might want to ask. Those were:

  • What is urban farming?
  • Why does urban farming matter?
  • Who can invest in urban farming?
  • Where can you learn more about urban farming skills?
  • When can you start urban farming?

That was it and the result is in the link above. It might look basic but with a 200-word answer under each of these questions, you can easily hit a 1000 words with no fluff! That would be just enough to satisfy your readership with useful information.

I intentionally did not go for a 1000 words here, because I sort of respect your time and your attention span, silly me!

Did you see what I did?

Now, just in case again, you were not paying attention when reading this very article, I managed somehow to fuse the same concept throughout this writing.

Basically, what I did was to answer questions like:

  • What is the 5 W’s of effective copywriting?
  • Who uses this technique?
  • Why should you also use this technique?
  • Where can you apply this technique?
  • When should you use this technique?

See, if you ever want to write more articles, you should try this sometimes. In the end, what you now have is a piece highlighting what I wanted you as my reader to take home.

When done right, anyone can be able to create a neat structure that allows his readership follow along without ever wanting to give up reading along the line.

I hope I have satisfied your curiosity on how to write more articles. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments how do you go about your writing. Is there any other writing technique you would like to share?

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