Is Urban Farming Gradually Becoming The New Cool?


If you always had a dream of growing your own food, probably in your backyard, then I believe you already have an idea of what urban farming is.

Urban farming has been around for ages. In recent years, the reason why it gained so much popularity is not entirely a mystery. I would want to attribute it to the influence of social media.

What is urban farming?

Whenever, I think of urban farming, I think of self-sufficiency or operation feed yourself. Something of that sort.

I know it is possible to grow your own vegetables and equally produce your own meat. This, I have tried and tested.

It is good to know that if done right, you could end up saving tons of money.

Money that you would have otherwise spent at the grocery store.

Are you ready for it?

Nevertheless, whoever says urban farming, says you are about to get yourself into a time consuming venture. Your plants will require care and maintenance. The same goes for your livestock.

Of course, you can automate the whole process as you progress but at the initial stage, you will have to invest a good amount of time carrying out the task.

Where do I start?

Now, in order for you to join the new cool, the urban farming craze, you will need a piece of land in the city. [It is the fact that you are in the city that makes it urban, you know].

The best spot to start is your backyard!

Everything else including putting up the structure, investing your manpower and any additional tools are simply addons.

I would recommend that you do some more readings on anything that has to do with urban farming. You might also decide to learn as you go just as I did.

Whatever information you gather would be relevant at some point in time. Knowledge is power.

You could always fail

Last year, I tried with tomatoes and I failed miserably. Even though I had some success back in the days, say three or four years ago. I am tempted to think that it must have been a wrong time of the year to do any planting.

Meanwhile, alongside the tomatoes, I had also planted some pepper seeds. Those ones did surprisingly well.

Moving forward, how about free eggs?

Start a poultry farm!

You can rest assured that the eggs your little farm will produce will taste ten times better than what you buy in your neighborhood. I do not know why but personally, I have never been disappointed.

Eventually, when your chicken reach butchery stage, free meat to accompany your meals. Double gain, right?

In addition, if you ever struggle with weeds, goats and chickens could play the role of your perfect waste management agents. That is a triple gain!

Finally, anyone at all can invest in urban farming. The benefits are many. They range from unearthing new skills, learning new terminology to making money that is if you ever decide to go commercial.

When can you start urban farming?

I would say start right away! Create a backyard if you don’t have one. What are you really waiting for?

Who knows in the near future, you could expand this venture into a viable business. Learn your basics well and see you at harvesting time!

Many thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments what you would want to focus on should you start urban farming today? Veggies, livestock or maybe both?

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