It is okay if you suck, I do too!

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I just had to get this one out there. It feels awful when I think I am not getting better at anything I do. Man, to tell you the truth, I suck at everything my hands have ever touched.

No, I am being serious here. I usually tend to believe that I am not the only one stuck in this bubble. We all… Well most of us kinda suck at a number of things in life.

For me, the worst is when it’s things that I am supposed to truly love, even badly love. And these are usually things that I thought if I just followed the path I could easily excel at.

But that path keeps leading me nowhere. Life just keeps getting hard. It’s even harder considering that I am willing to only focus on things that I am passionate about. And yet it’s not working.

Now, knowing that I am might not be the only person experiencing any of these isn’t to me the best of relief to be honest. I know I should be winning and of course if you feel you should also then good for you.

This life eh! Man proposes, the universe disposes and life opposes. So more than often, the real struggle is me trying to find the true “me”, my voice.

It’s believed that no one was born a pro doing the thing he/she does. One gets to that level only after first discovering one’s talents and then constantly improving on them. And in order to remain at pro level, you have to keep working at your craft.

And you think I am not doing any of these?

Maybe I am not trying hard enough.

I have acknowledged that there is a problem. Although this only means it remains halfway solved, at least I am headed somewhere.

Hmmm maybe I should stop trying to be perfect!

I totally get it. I am a hell of a perfectionista. You should see how long it took me to to get started and… filling up the pages of my blog.

Is this really nice? nah… Deleted! This one too deleted and back to square one nothing to show.

Trying to be perfect has… not so surprisingly landed me not always where I wanted to be. But that’s okay and I am thankful for those moments of self-doubts.

Today, I tell myself that no one is probably watching and that’s a great thing. That gives me enough time to keep practicing. I see something that looks like progress, hahaha.

Will I ever get it right?

That is a good question? How will I know?

Sitting here and imagining, what if I got things right the first time. I don’t know, where would the fun in trying things out be?

When I suck at stuff, I am creating the perfect avenue to set achievable goals. All that matters is taking these important baby steps, you agree with me, right?

So enough of the torture of wanting perfect. My sweat, determination and hardwork will eventually cross paths. Yes, I am new at it, there is a 100 percent chance that I will still suck! Awesome!

Cheers to one step at a time. One post at a time. One article at a time. One share at a time. One subscriber at a time. One win at a time. One memory at a time.

Thanks for reading. Say something, anything, let me hear from you in the comment section below!

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