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Learning a new language is a fun activity unless it has nothing to do with learning German. Most people are able to learn anything on their own without any help whatsoever.

But for you and I, the real human beings on the face of the earth without any form of guidance we are doomed. It’s like being on a trip to destination: boring! Soon, the next fruitless fun activity preoccupies us, the lack of motivation sets in and procrastination smiles wide at us.

So, we came up with an idea which is a recycled idea and inspired by a post from my geek Facebook friend Adjei Kofi at adjeikofi.com. There are tons of free resources available online to choose from. We picked one that I am personally using: duolingo.com

We created a WhatsApp group/community where we’ll be learning, showing progress, asking questions and making useful contributions.

We’re starting this on March, 30th.


This group is open to anyone who wants to learn French or help others with French. However, you must respect everyone and if you are not respectful, well, you will be kicked out! So, if you rate yourself as a beginner and you if don’t mind asking even the mundane questions on all aspects of French language learning in a respectful manner, then join us!


/ Join group

/ Follow the lessons

/ Show progress at the end of each week in the group

*When you join, you will be asked to introduce yourself in English and tell us why you want to learn French. 😉

The main purpose of the group is to create a community so you always have someone to keep you going.

We are running this for the next 2 weeks or so but only the results will determine if we would keep the group open, so by any means be very active! Sweet, right?

If you’re stuck anywhere? Join the online discussion forum at https://forum.duolingo.com/ or ask questions in the WhatsApp group. Someone will help you out.


Or follow the link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FUF6FKx0lSDHBPq5YUiRRA