Need ₵500 Fast? Check Out These 5 Ways To Make 500 Real Quick!


Want to make 500 cedis fast? Before you start reading this article, let me clearly state that I am no financial expert.

I am just highly interested in money and finding fun ways of making more.

The purpose of this article is to help you realize that quick money is not always a scam. Even though most at times it is, duh.

By the way, I suspect that a good dose of sarcasm would have found its way into this article and if you happen to be offended, feel free to apologise.

Coming up are 5 ways you could use to start making 500 Ghana Cedis. Scroll on and decide what is best for you.

1. You only need one kidney, I am just saying…

According to an article on Living With One Kidney from The National Kidney Foundation

Most people who are born without a kidney (or with only one working kidney) lead normal, healthy lives. A person may have had one kidney removed during an operation in order to treat an injury or a disease like cancer. A person may have donated one kidney to a person who needed a kidney transplant.

The question is do you really need both kidneys?

In the USA, a human organ like the kidney cost about $262,000. At the time of this article, the currency converter displayed these figures “1,168,520.00” for the equivalent in Ghana Cedis.

Personally, I have no plans of selling mine. Moreover, I agree this sounds a bit extreme. All we want to know is how to make 500 cedis and that leads to point number 2.

2. Sell some of your stuff

I bet you have heard this over and over. There are thousands of apps that allow you to sell any of your stuff today whether you are on Android or iOS.

Allow me to give you this scenario just for illustration purposes. Imagine by the end of the week, you could manage to sell at least 10 things around your house each worth 50 cedis.

If you are like me, not really good at maths, you would naturally think of using your fingers and toes to do the operation.

But that would be too slow! The fact is 10 times 50 equals 500 to the bank. That’s how you make 500 cedis within a weekend!

Deep down, you must be thinking, this is such a smart tip. Goodness gracious, how come I never thought of it?

Trust me, I fell the same way when I was concocting this one. Time now to stop imagining and start looking around your room, house, apartment, cave, bunker or wherever you live to see if you could find those 10 useful and unwanted things.

These should be things in perfect shape that you do not need anymore or probably don’t mind letting go.

3. Make 500 cedis on Whatsapp!

For most people, Whatsapp is just another time waster. Of course, it is!

Whatsapp started as a communication application until some annoying contacts turned it into a forwarding channel where you are required to re-forward motivational messages to all your contacts.

At times you even have to include the original sender or it is believed that something bad would happen to you.

Now, behind the screens, money-minded people have been “misusing” the platform for good monetary gains.

They have commercialised the thing long before Whatsapp thought of launching a separate application for small businesses.

You should join the bandwagon sometimes. It’s never too late to also make 500 or even more on Whatsapp!

What it is that you are good at? What skills can you easily teach? Organize a training via Whatsapp.If you want to make 500 cedis then you really have to get creative!

Convince 20 people to Mobile money (“MoMo”) you at least 25 cedis and show them your money-worthy information. You’d better be genuine if you are looking at repeated sales. That’s how you make 500 cedis and extra.

4. Stop spending your money

That sound ridiculous, right?

But yes it’s true. If we all could start cultivating savings as a bad habit, I believe it will be something we could easily excel at. E do ah try and start cutting down your most unnecessary costs! If you don’t spend that 500 cedis you have, you still have 500 cedis.

Like the old saying goes “A pesewa saved is a pesewa earned”. Aha!

5. Design a website for friends

Robbing a bank could have made the list. But we all know crime is bad and chances are your poor soul knows not how to use a gun and you might even get killed!

We also know that most friends don’t pay! That’s a fact. Anyway, start by designing free websites when any of them shows interest in say blogging.

These days, you don’t have to be an expert at anything. You only need some applicable knowledge if you really want to make 500 cedis fast. WordPress by far is the easiest way to get started. You will figure out everything else along the line.

Then, sign up onto any lucrative web hosting affiliate program and you are likely to receive somewhere around $65.00 per referral. That is almost 300 Ghana Cedis!

The best part is, this comes at no extra cost to the fella you refer. This is just your commission and how affiliate marketing works!

You can always offer additional services like maintenance, mentorship or just anything tech-related especially when working with newbies. Apply the WhatsApp trick for even more returns.

Again, let’s say you have 30 newbies under your wings paying each as little as 15 cedis for your undeserved kindness, that will be a recurring total of 500 cedis a month for you.

If you do not have a website but would love to have a free website made for you, use this contact form to get in touch today!

Finally, while some of these options won’t generate a full-time income for most people, it’s always exciting to make some extra money. If you thought you were going to be a billionaire by the end of this post, then you thought wrong.

Here’s where I say thanks for reading. Please let me know which other money making tip you would love to share in the comment section below!

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