Money Challenge: How To Save ₵1500 This Year!


We all know the month of January is a whole year on its own. On a more serious note, January is actually made of 79 days which all follow a 48-hour a day format.

Yes, you read that right!

In fact, to all those who spent a greater portion of their hard earned income during the month of December buying a million things, here’s a tip to keep you afloat coming next Christmas.

New year, new money challenge!

Just like everyone out there, you probably came up with loads of resolutions this year.

Among others, I am pretty sure, was the resolution of not repeating gross obvious mistakes you made last year.

Well, the good news is we all did, most importantly when it came to the subject of money.

Want to take part in this savings challenge?

The goal with this New Year’s money challenge is to save at least one thousand four hundred fifty-six Cedis or whichever currency you are most comfortable with.

Every day starting from the first week of the year, all you have to do is set aside Twenty-Eight Ghana Cedis per week.

Keep doing that from the very first week of January until the last week of the month of December.

Now, do the maths and you would have accumulated exactly One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty-Six Cedis.

Easy huh?

There is another approach to this money challenge and it still works! You might want to further breakdown the process by saving as you go.

Starting from Monday, the first day of your week, put aside 1 Cedi. On the second day of the week, put aside 2 Ghana Cedis. On the third day, put down 3 Ghana Cedis and so on.

Follow this pattern religiously until the last day of the week which is Sunday. By Sunday, try and put aside a whooping Seven Ghana Cedis.

How do you come up with 7 Ghana Cedis on a Sunday?

Well, I don’t know. If I could take a wild guess, I’d suggest you ignore the church collection plate when it comes to your turn. If you can’t, then don’t buy any savors slash “small chop chops” at the end of church service.

When you manage to push through till the end of the week, clap for yourself: You know you made 28 Malafakin Ghana Cedis.

Rinse and repeat this process till December 31

Before I go, you can always play catch-up by spreading this exercise over exactly fifty-two weeks depending on when you came across this article.

So, start today and a year from now, you would have gathered a little less than ₵1500 using this simple and no tricks involved method.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments what possibly could you do with this money?

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