Quarantine Day 11: Corona Updates

Today, I woke up a little more energized than I was yesterday. Why? I cannot really tell. It’s confinement season due to the Corona for most people around the world and you either lazy about or make use of all your energy.

Even though, I feel like I am part of the elite who are able to pronounce “quarantine” right the first time and not “quaran-tine” which the uncultured bunch is so used to lol, it’s with high hopes that I am looking forward to all of us going back to our normal and hopefully improved lives, pronto.

Out of all people, I have had the chance to take the Unicef test on my knowledge of the Coronavirus. Fiction or fact, where do you draw the line?

Well, yours truly managed to score an 8/10, which is obviously A, no doubt and if you would like to also evaluate your own knowledge on the matter, here’s the … hold on I will share the link at the end of this post, which is the only guarantee that you would have read it in its entirety.

Where are my manners?

So, have I been keeping safe? Yes. I am staying home with the family and observing all the evangelized basic hygiene practices. I hope you are also doing okay.

In as much as I have not touched my “books”, I have tried to keep myself busy by reading actual books. I am reading this French book entitled “Le Petit Nicolas a des ennuis” by Sempé Goscinny, and once I am done reading this, it would be my fourth of the year. Talk of  great progress as far as my reading goals are concerned, lmao.

I have also been polishing up my German, Ja Schatz by taking classes on Lingo Lingo, actually that stands for DuoLingo. You too could set up an account here and learn a language or two in your spare time. Plus, now that you are restricted to the four walls of your warm and comfortable homes, you have no real excuses not to educate yourself.

How to download the app?

Thankfully, the language learning app is available to both iPhone and Android device users. Download it and let’s kick off our little community of language learners.

We could assist one another, interact, share some useful materials and inspire each other as we while away our free time. To be able to achieve that, I have created a French language learning group on WhatsApp for complete “dummies” like myself and since most of you are unfortunately caught up in a web of selective dedication of one’s energy a.k.a laziness, here’s the official offer to come be my study buddy.

Together, let’s crunch these streaks

… because simply Yes we can!

And for those who do not fit the profile of a language learner type of person, which is weird by the way, especially knowing that one way or the other, we’re all most likely bilinguals by default, you have the option to learn pretty much anything else of your interest on the internet.

Be it baking, Microsoft Paint Peppa Pig coloring lmao, animation, programming, Web design, photography, WordPress and anything else to becoming a one time I-don’t-give-a-shitty-shit-about-my-setup-youtuber… You could virtually learn anything.

Most educational platforms are giving away anyway countless of free educational materials and free hours of content worth all the gold in Obuasi.

This is the opportune time for you to upgrade your knowledge or skills and find some sanity away from the non-stop and insensitive forwarded WhatsApp messages while you keep following to the letter the recommendations by health experts and observing social distancing in this COVID-19 era.

Just as promised in the earlier paragraphs, here’s the link to the Unicef testing on the Corona virus. Try it out, sensitize your household and wait… don’t forget to share your score and literally what you’ve been up to in the comments section and also share this post! Stay safe!

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