The One Blogging Advice You’ll Ever Need

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Blogging is hard? I thought I’d skip the introduction so you could scan through the paragraphs below as fast as you can.

This message goes to anyone passionate about blogging but clearly struggling one way or the other.

Why we struggle is largely because most of us develop fears when doing the things we set our minds to.

We are constantly shooting ourselves in the foot. What if we get it wrong? What if I am not good enough? Ei, is this how it’s done?

Well, let’s see if the following gives you a change of mind when it comes to blogging:

“We see this a lot in here…

Is it OK if I do ‘this’ with my website?

Will Google get me in trouble if I do ‘this’?
I’m not an expert, so is it OK if I write on this topic?

I want to contact experts in my niche via email but is it OK?

I’m scared to get started, what should I do?

Basically people WAITING and ASKING for permission from a non existent person who isn’t ever going to give them permission.

You don’t need to ask for permission for anything. There’s no one to give you permission anyway.

You can do anything you want (just make sure it’s ethical and legal please yeah) without waiting for permission.

Just f*cking do it as no one is going to do it for you.”

These were not my personal thoughts about blogging. They just resonate on a personal level with me. These are from Stuart Walker from Nichehacks.

Stuart is an A-list blogger and one of my favorites that I happen to follow keenly. If I ever happen to compile a list of my top five bloggers, he would find his way in there without a doubt.

So there you have it. I hope you picked something out of it and go out there and make magic. Just get things done!

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