Top 5 Futuristic Smartphone Features the iPhone Xs doesn’t have!

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled its newest iPhones models namely the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone Max. Did you know that a hands-on video of the iPhone XS, and iPhone Max revealed that they pack a set of great features including OLED, super retina display, better sound, better water and dust resistant and they are all full IP68?

Also the chip is an A12 Bionic, you would have to look for what that means. The storage goes up 512 gigs. The phones have a dual sim system thanks to the eSIM and the list goes on and on.

However, as stunning as these could be, we set out to find the Top 5 Futuristic Smartphone Features the new iPhone Xs or any of them for that matter do not have.

Longer longest battery life

We needed the battery technology breakthrough as early as yesterday. The least said about the repetitive charging of phones the better. Okay Apple has it that these iPhone XS, and iPhone Max have a better life battery.

What the user really wants is to plug a phone on Sunday and have it work non-stop until the following Sunday. Now that’s revolutionary! Clearly, Apple didn’t think of that.

Bendable device

What for? I mean the bending feature. Flexibility? Foldable? Yeah right! Even if you could bend a phone, you cannot do that with your iPhone XR, XS or even Max. Try bending those things and they will break. Break!


Shatter and scratch proof screen

Yeah, aside the usual texting and calling, one should not have to worry about dropping a phone in 2018. But nope, it’s not happening anytime soon. Phones are literally money. Imagine your bank notes dropping and getting shredded, not a pretty sight, right? Apple and all phone makers, is that too much to ask?

Hologram display

The first version of a hologram phone was rumored for Android devices in 2010 in a 52 seconds YouTube video commercial. Android? – I know, right? – Guess what? After watching a couple of times the iPhone Xs and X Max hands-on video review by Verge, I finally came across the holographic projection feature absolutely nowhere. It was not there. End of story.

Snake game

Of all the phone features in the world, what is a phone without the legendary snake game. Of course, you could download one from the iOS store but come on do we seriously have to go through that?

Done! Are there any features you think the Apple team missed in the making of its new versions of iPhones? Let us know if you could afford the missing features in the comments section below.

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