Here’s How To Make Money On Social Media! (The Extreme Method)


Being actively part of social media, you would agree there is a whole lot of information sharing happening across the various platforms.

Since you cannot possibly be everywhere at all times, at least you can enjoy excerpts of whatever is going on social media from one user to the other.

Sometimes, most of the information shared is crap. At other times, you’re inundated with the slightly golden ones.

Now, in the spirit of the former, here comes a piece covering the topic of unreal money making strategies on social media.

1. Follow all the celebrities you can

Which of your mates is always having the latest hottest gossip on social media? Is it you? Why not you?

Are you getting paid for it? If your answer is No then you should look at doing just that and soon enough the bank account is gonna swell up.

Just by following all the celebrities? It works just like trading all the likes on your profile for money.

2. Set up an adult content website

This is the point where you throw your holy books affiliations to the gutter and do what pays the bills just like everyone else on planet earth.

No need to dive into details. This is top secret juicy information for social media.

As a matter of fact, a popular adult website recorded in the year 2017 alone, a massive 28.5 billion annual web traffic.

In case you could manage a quarter of these numbers, boy you would be on your way to living the realest “vida loca”.

3. Set up a Dating site


Remember those graphic design and web design skills you never put to use? Well, it’s time you channeled these into the making of a basic dating website.

Most people are either falling in or out of love anyway. Your mission is to harness the power of technology by helping soul mates on social media find each other and get paid through the process.

Voilà easy money! Remember what they say: “if you build it, they are going to come”.

4. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Did you know you could sell and buy cryptocoins in groups on social media? Sounds 100% legit, right?

Even though simple, the concept of Cryptocurrency might be way too complex for anyone who is uninterested in unconventional investment products.

Word on the street has it that people are cashing out big time. What are you waiting for? Join the train and hopefully crash!

5. Consult a Mallam

This one had to come last for obvious reasons. What is a mallam? Well, a mallam is a charlatan.

Who is a charlatan? A charlatan is anyone on social media and in real life behind the advertisement of questionable products that are likely to solve all your problems at a go. You see where this is going?

According to popular beliefs, the number one reason why you are broke today is because a relative is busy “working you out” spiritually.

You must be out of your mind to even consider the fact that it could be because you don’t make enough income. With this in mind, now question is so which relative of yours could be responsible for doing stuff like that?

Perhaps, you might finally want to accept that Mallam Friend request you keep ignoring especially on Facebook. Consequently, you would have all the answers to your burning questions.

That’s it! These were my top five unreal social media money making strategies that you have been overlooking. And for what reasons?

Thanks for reading this! If you enjoyed this article, let me know if any of these could work for you.

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