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Want to know how to write a blog post quickly? You have already made the best decision of the year by deciding to stick with WordPress as your favorite blogging tool. Now it is time to speed up your writing process. Here are five tips to help you write even faster.

Keep a pad open at all times

Are you a pen and paper type of person? Great. These will be useful for your “pour-as-you-go” exercise. Keep them with you at all times. Jot down all sorts of ideas anytime they come trickling. From the highlight of your day, general topics ideas to questions you feel you could gather answers to, it could be just anything at all. Fill up that pad and grab a new one if need be.

Make use of your mobile options

If you are not a pen and paper type of person, then you are a new school gangster. You probably spend more time either on a mobile or a laptop. Awesome! Make sure your notepad app is always within reach.

There are all sorts of text type applications that let you scribe notes from the basic ones to some more advanced. Select the ones that work for you and implement the same exercise in Tip number 1.

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By the way, I think a full article highlighting the most useful apps to download is highly overdue. For now, let me recommend the WordPress app. This app allows you to do everything you could have done using your laptop whilst signed in your dashboard. You can use the WordPress app to create drafts, edit and publish all your articles.

This article, this very one that you are reading was typed from my phone’s notes app. I then saved it as a draft in the WordPress app. It was all because of the interoperability features since silly me didn’t know where to locate the saved notes in File Manager on an Android.

Write a blog post by recording your voice

If any of the above fails and you feel too lazy to type, you can always voice record your content and play it back when you are ready to write a blog post.

If you looked around carefully, you would have noticed that there are triggers and writing prompts everywhere. Is it something a friend said or something clever that you have said in a while *heaven knows it does not happen often, yes, do not be shy* and you think you could develop even better into writing? Just record that!

Edit your articles like a boss

This is the part that precedes you hitting the “publish” button. However, whatever you do never rush this part of the exercise. I know it can easily go from fun to boring but it is a necessity. Take your time since it’s one of the most important part of the writing aside the writing itself.

Therefore, read over your work. Go read your favorite blogs. Pick up from where you left off in that book you were reading. Drink some more water. Clear you head up and now make that keyboard bleed.

All the ideas you have collected must be all over the place by now. So write and save drafts, come write some more, delete the fluff and rearrange your stuff. This should be a ritual that you could practice right after writing or a day later or even a week after maximum.

Did you know you can always edit after publishing your articles? Of course, there’s nothing like an “over-edited” piece. But don’t waste all your time polishing old posts, instead write new ones and share updates.

Turn off distractions

Now throughout the process find ways to restrain yourself as much as possible from distractions. So if you made a post online and felt the urge of seeing how your followers are reacting to it, nah… it is never a good time to switch between writing and distracting tabs. You will never be able to write a blog post that way. This reminds me of a very good quote by E.L Doctorow which goes like:

Planning to write is not writing. Outlining, researching, talking to people about what you’re doing, none of that is writing. Writing is writing.

You know what and what constitute your distractions. If you do not, then identify them and stay a long gap away from them. The blog post, the one which could change the world will not write itself *chuckles*. Focus on your mission. Don’t feed your distractions and commit to a 15 to 30 minutes of daily writing.

Finally, I could leave you here but nope I am not doing that. So, hold on for an extra tip which could blow your mind.

I have realized that I usually spend a good amount of time trying to find images for my posts. Since we are about doing things quick enough, finding images was exhausting until I discovered some valuables resources you too could make use of on your WordPress blog.

Now, if I were to write a blog post, I can at last focus entirely on the writing. These resources come with additional handy plugin called Instant Images. A review of the plugin is next. I came across this from Kori Ashton at askkori.com, *you should check her channel out on YouTube sometime*.

Thank you beautiful people for reading! If you made it this far then I owe you a hug already! Leave a comment below and scroll down to subscribe for new articles every time I make one!

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