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Oh lord, I feel bad. I should be writing. I feel bad that I have not written a post in a while. It is always been that I have the urge to but then it leaves and I never end up writing anything. It all plays in my head until I cannot take it no more.

So, today, here I am trying to write because that what makes a blog, right? The content. Feeding it, feeding you about happenings and building myself up along the line.

So folks, in this “little while” of mine, that I have seemingly stopped writing, quite a lot of things have happened.

I tried my hands at new things like swapping a vehicle in Accra. That was bold and odd. You know, it’s Accra we are talking about. You must be alert because things can go wrong in a blink of an eye. However, this experience of mine rather went well. I learned my lessons, I feel like a tough cookie.

I keep practicing photography. It’s a hobby and I wish I could do great at it. Now, this big guy applied for school. Can you believe it? I want to get better at writing. Aside that, I am growing “old” too and I believe I am equally growing dumb hence the need to throw myself some challenge to keep this brain active.

Finally, I was able to resume some of my online classes aside the school thing. The notifications kept coming. Annoying, eh? Those online courses are sort of the toughest. They make you think you could just learn on your own at your own pace. It always sounds nice and easy but it is tricky, however, you my friend, I believe you can crush it.

Luckily for me, I have turned down a couple of offers that were literally going to suck my energy anyway. That leaves me more time to practice writing and the other things that are to help me grow.

Oh, and did I mention that I have also emptied my account?

Yes. Me bank account, poof! Gone. It is not as if I had lot of zeros in there though. There is an interesting tale that I believe in and I will tell you about it shortly.

Empty to be filled again

I do not know whether I should term it a concept or not. However, it has to do with emptying stuff to get new stuff. That is just that.

You won’t be able to really move faster when your load is heavy. You might be tempted to counter this assertion with “planes fly, duh”, but that is not the point. All planes have what they call a maximum payload. In simple terms, it is their maximum carrying capacity. Beyond it, I believe safety might be at risk. Even that one saf, I beg you, let us not dive into aviation and its terminology, right now.

If you ever needed new clothes, it is likely that the old ones are taking up too much space in your closet. If you have a bunch of clothes you are not wearing then these are useless. Next thing you know, is, time starts ringing for you to “get rid” of them and make space for the new ones.

If you ever wanted more money, the same concept could apply. Emptying your wallet would be the next foolish thing to do. I hope you do see where this is going.

If you are a little slow like myself, here comes the extra bit “a hand full of oranges cannot take any more oranges than what it can already contain unless you’re holding a bag which would eventually get heavier”. This leads us to….

Get rid of stuff so you can do more

You know I started an urban farm, right? Well, I wrote about how you could get started with one here.

At the beginning of this year, I had to let go of quite a number of things. My goat farm had about 4 or 5, 6 heads for an urban farm and that wasn’t bad.

Nevertheless, I had to let it go. I could not bear the thought of running through the Madina market week in and week out in search of flour, cornflour to be precise in order to feed them.

Food is scarce when you go urban unless you want to raise them in a free range type of environment.

I would have had to worry about my fowls. I had a couple left after the other bunch started dying on me. Cleaning up the coop, making sure they had fresh water and the entire strenuous thing that comes with it. No no no, that was too much for me.

There’s only so much one can achieve in a day. Beyond it and there is a problem. Things are not done correctly. One rushes things and chaos. Plus, I am not superman.

Once these were out of the way, I could now focus and do one thing and do it well and hope to excel at it.

I stuck to reading books instead because these and keeping abreast with knowledge are what essential in my field which is essentially languages and writing.

There, I am constantly reminded about the importance of comprehension, spotting nuances and constructing better sentences. Therefore, I bought new books. I received book gifts as well. Now, I am gradually building my own small library.

You know that feel when you are pushed to read because you love it and not reading because you have to. That is the cloud I am on now.

I am beginning to be mindful of my time too. It is my loss if I fail at that, surely. When I have an appointment, I set off a little earlier. I put in some effort in planning. I avoid repetitive tasks. I am trying to reprogram this little scattered brain of mine. It is still not all smooth. It does not have to be and that is perfectly all right. And this is where this all ends.

I hope it won’t be too long before I pick up this keyboard of mine and try to keep in touch. If I take too long, please tickle me, I promise I’ll respond. Thanks for reading and being part of my journey. Love you loads.

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